Let’s empower online merchants
Kudobuzz helps small online businesses make more money. We provide them with smart tools that drive traffic and increase sales for their businesses. Join us on this mission.
Our story
Six years ago, we set out to help online merchants use customer reviews to boost trust for their businesses and in the process drive up sales. After helping merchants collect and use over a million customer reviews later, we have identified some few more areas merchants need help with and have added two more products to our offerings. From a co-founding team of three with just one product, we’re now a team of twenty with three tried and tested products with offices in different cities of the world.
Where we are going
We want to become the company that provides the products that no online merchant can do without. This vision is a big one and to achieve this, we have to be on top of our product design and customer satisfaction. We can only achieve this, if we have the best and committed people working for us.
How we work
Our customers have hope in us to help them run their livelihood and we work hard to fulfill the trust they have in us. We work with four guiding principles; Happiness, Attitude, Reward and Ethics. In an environment that is a happy one with team members having the right attitude and working ethically, we believe we will get the reward of helping online merchants run their livelihoods. We are also a remote team with team members in different locations and so we communicate a lot in order to push back any misunderstandings.
We offer competitive benefits and a rare opportunity to impact how merchants make money online.
Current openings
If you believe in our mission to help online merchants make more money and also want a happy environment to grow, join us!