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Automatic SEO Optimization

Why stress yourself with manual optimization when Kudobuzz SEO can get things done for you ? Automate your SEO optimization with Kudobuzz SEO's autopilot feature.
  • Autopilot
  • In-app Reporting
  • Email Notification

Manual SEO Optimization

Are you SEO savvy and want to be in control? You have the option to use Kudobuzz SEO to optimize your online store.
  • Product Pages Optimization
  • Collection Pages Optimization
  • Special Pages Optimization


With Kudobuzz SEO's JSON-LD feature, your store gets presented to search engines in a more structured manner which makes it easy for them to crawl and index your pages. These indexed pages get discovered easily in search results.


Heavy product images and product images with no alt texts contribute to slow website and low product image ranking respectively. Kudobuzz SEO image optimization feature allows you to identify and compress huge product images or add alt-text to them.
  • Image Alt Text
  • Image Compression


Search Engines use sitemaps to find and identify all the information and products on your online store. Kudobuzz SEO sitemap feature helps you easily submit your sitemap to search engines.
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Automated Submission
  • Manual Submission
Authorize Kudobuzz SEO to periodically submit your sitemap to Google on your behalf when any new SEO changes are made on your online store.