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Add a line of Javascript to the html of your website and start collecting reviews instantly.

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Login to the dashboard to customize the look and feel of your widget to match your branding.

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Connect your business' social accounts and start collecting authentic social reviews. You can always filter these reviews before they go live.

Earn Trust With Reviews

Proof of trust via your reviews converts into more sales. Reviews from your site visitors are authenticated with their social accounts, giving proof that they are real. Reviews collected via after purchase emails is given a verified buyer label.

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Extra Content To Enhance Marketing

Reviews serve as a stronger message to potential customers than your product description. Reviews are collected from a variety of customers via a variety of platforms and put in your hands to use as you please in your marketing message. They are also set-up for display in search engine results.

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Increase Customer Engagement

We allow you to respond to reviews and questions via our widget. Turn dissatisfied customers into happy ones by responding to their complaints and questions. Got star reviewers? Reward them with your discount coupons.

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Improve Your SEO

SEO depends on unique content. What could get more unique than several reviews culled from different platforms? We go even further to boost your SEO by summarising all your reviews on a single page on your website to enable search engines easily find and display them on their results page.

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