Collect tons of verified product, photo & business reviews.

Kudobuzz After Purchase Mail (APM) allows you to automatically collect verified product, photo and business reviews from your customers after they purchase from you.

Automatic Emails

Review request emails are automatically sent to your customers at the perfect time after purchase.

Automatic SMS

SMS review requests are automatically sent to your customers who prefer sms as a communication channel to leave their reviews.

Mobile Friendly

APM is mobile-responsive, which means your customers can submit their reviews and upload photos or videos anytime, anywhere, on any device right in their inbox.

Review Reminders

With our in-built smart reminders know exactly when and how to remind your customers to leave a review and when to stop.

Block Reviewer

You’ve total control on which of your customers gets a review request. Simply block any customer you don’t want to send a request to.


You can customize the look, feel , text and conditions of the review request email or sms to match your company’s brand.

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