Curate Review

Got an already existing fan base on social media? Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and Google+ accounts and start showing off existing reviews and testimonials from those platforms.

Customer Retention

With features such as commenting on reviews (which allows you to reply to reviews), coupon code (which sends a coupon out to a customer after a review is left) and questions and answers (which allows customers to ask about your product or service), Kudobuzz ensures that your relationship with a customer does not end with a first interaction but goes on for much longer.


Kudobuzz's Google Rich Snippet feature lets your product pages stand out in Google search results and brings you more customers.


Reviews can do more than just show up on your site. Share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter and let the voice of your customers sell your brand.

Kudobuzz Insight

Get insights into how customers are interacting with Kudobuzz on your site and how this is impacting sales or sign ups.